Thursday, June 20, 2013

There's never enough time to write

Mom really is getting sloppy about her writing. She SAYS she has all these ideas in her head about working on the second book in her spirit series but she never gets off her ass and does it. She could be writing tonight but instead I'll bet she watches the Spurs game! Don't even get me started on her other big time waster. It's something called Dungeons and Dragons. I hate that one because she leaves the house. At least with the Spurs she provides and nice place for me to lay on her lap and have a nice cuddle and purr.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

New Focus

I will keep the public library rants to a minimum and try and help mom publish her first novel. I've seen author site who want you to promote yourself and recommend you get a blog. She doesn't have much time for that so guess who she chose to do all of her blog writing? That's! Sigh. As if I don't have enough to do what with all the eating and sleeping. So my mom aka Kahnnie Hejl has written a urban fantasy novel about this chick who finds out her family is like all into Santeria and stuff. Her name is Esther De Leon and she's got powers but doesn't believe in magic. I haven't really read much of it but I'll post more later. This book is the first in a trilogy. According to Mom the book is completely finished after she edited it like five times or something. She's still struggling for a name for it. So far she has named it Family Spirits with the second and third novels to be called Past Spirits and Island Spirits. She's submitted it to Baen and Tor because they let you submit without an agent. Mom's also looking into getting published by eBook but not self published. That's just crazy. If she self publishes it will be through Smashwords because that's free! Free is good especially when you get paid for your work.

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year, SOS

There are so many things Mom does not understand. She doesn't understand why people have to be so vicious, back stabbing and self serving. Or more likely just apathetic. I try to tell her it's because people don't think about other people, they only think about themselves. In fact, people don't only just think about themselves they don't even think about what is good for the whole. Good for...for instance, an entire library system. They just want to lord it over their small piece of the kingdom.

There is no cooperation. There is no listening to new suggestions or ideas. There is just me, me, me, what about me and MY job. How do I keep my stranglehold monopoly on x-services, y-services, media services, delivery services, z-services, abc branch....etc. etc.

There is no: How can I help make things better? How can I make things run more smoothly. Wouldn't it be nice if more people got involved? No, there is none of that. Communication.....bah....who needs it. Cooperation....ha....what's that?

Someone wants to be proactive and suggest something. Maybe someone just wants to throw an idea out there so we can all mull it over, perhaps collaborate on a large project.

We don't need any of that here missy! Stay on your own patch of dirt, shut the hell up and forget about all your dreams for a better tomorrow.

You may have worked on something for years and years but that doesn't mean you're entitled to keep doing it. We'll just give it away to someone else. Someone who hasn't done it before all because WE CAN and WE WILL and NOTHING CAN STOP US. Because we're THE MAN darn it and don't you ever forget that. The gods forbid you should actually enjoy your job and be fulfilled by it. We'll have none of that here thank you very much.

I am so glad I am a cat.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mom's getting tense again

They didn't hire anyone to be the manager at Mom's branch. She is very upset at this. There is a rumor that they aren't hiring from within because those people would be too "laid back." Mom almost went off the deep end and one of her coworkers DID go off to the looney bin because of the last manager was a tyrant. What are those administrators trying to do to my Mom? Last time she laid in bed for three days which is great for cuddling but very upsetting because all she did was cry and watch Top Gear. She's also under stress because now they have a new interim manager who isn't around at all. Somehow mom is just supposed to know how to do all that manager stuff and remember to do things like turn in timesheets when she's never done timesheets before. The double job is very stressful on her and it's the holiday season. Someone please give her a hug and I'll cuddle and purr as much as I can.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

can't we get along?

You humans amuse me with your "democratic country". You're being held hostage by a two party system constantly at odds. When will the rationalist party form? When will the people band together over morals not religion? When will you stp fighting andtruly pull together? Never is the likely answer as long as corporations are in control and people are disregarded in the name of making money. What will you do when there are no more people?

That's not a threat by the way, there is no cat conspiracy to rise up and take over the world. Damn your oppsible thumbs!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Airport Scans

You humans crack me up especially the Americans. You have such a phobia about nakedness. We're all born that way fur or no fur. Sure I don't wear clothes and can't imagine having to, but it seems to me I'd rather be scanned and safe rather than blown up in a plane. Of course I'd never get on a plane willingly and have never had the desire to fly, but if I had to scan away. I've got nothing to hide. If my naked picture gets looked at by some security drone, it's better than a strip search with a rubber glove!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Alone for three days...sort of

Mom and Dad left to go to some comic convention and left us cats alone. Maggie kept hogging the computer and Bengal wouldn't get out of my favorite window. I did manage to wrestle the television remote so I could watch hours of Doctor Who on the BBC. Then the best thing ever! Grandma and Grandpa came over and gave us WET food!!! I love them. Maggie hissed at Grandma for not being mom. She's so stupid some times.